Hello there, I’m Dylan!

I started making games when I was 9 years old and never stopped learning and crafting since. It would be my pleasure to help you with the following:


  • turn rough concepts into detailed descriptions
  • design gameplay, narrative and quest content
  • design AI character behaviour including traversal and combat
  • design cinematography including blocking and staging
  • create blockmesh level designs including gameplay triggers
  • assess and improve existing material


  • turn rough concepts into working prototypes
  • setup and polish character controls and camera
  • setup and polish gameplay mechanics and systems
  • create AI character behaviour including pathfinding
  • create UI including animation
  • Unity skill level: high
  • Unreal skill level: beginner

Content Management

  • implement narrative content including from articy:draft
  • implement quest content
  • implement 2D art and UI
  • implement 3D art and animation including characters
  • implement music and sound including from FMOD

If you think I can be of value to your production, please contact me!