Master of Ravens Demo

Developer: Intronauts

Back in 2022, I was invited by Intronaut to work on an amazing concept about a young boy with a special talent: he can command ravens. Taking place in an already rich and well-developed world, Master of Ravens features wonderful lush graphics and an immersive soundscape.

From their website:

Master of Ravens is an episodic, story driven, puzzle platform game, set in the mythological fantasy world of The Land of Spirits. The game tells the life story of Tristan, a so-called Master of Ravens, who is both revered and feared for his ability to wield a massive flock of ravens for both good and evil.”

It ultimately turned into a strong proof of concept demo in early 2023, to be shown to publishers and investors at game conventions. It was an absolute joy to work on as lead programmer and co-game designer. My favorite parts were character controls for traversal and combat, including implementation of animations, and the AI behaviour for the monsters.

Here’s hoping the team will find an investment or publishing partner at some point, and that I can return to this awe-inspiring world!