Developer: M2H
Role: co-game designer, co-developer, co-producer

In January 2015, five of my friends and I participated in the Global Game Jam. Our creation won first prize both in Amsterdam as well as nationally in The Netherlands. Inspired by our succes, we started working on a bigger and better version that would ultimately become Marooners.

A party game at its core, Marooners adds a unique mechanic into the mix: every few seconds, players are switching between minigames! Imagine running downhill fast to avoid giant rocks from crushing you, then suddenly being inside an active volcano. Before you know what’s happening, you’re tiptoeing across water lilies, anxious not to fall into the water below. And then…

Marooners is a collaboration between Mike Hergaarden (programming), Lukas Hoenderdos (programming), Berend van Gorkom (environment art), Nanda van Dijk (character art and animation) and myself (game design, programming and production). The game was released on Steam in Autumn 2016, and later also on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch.