Lake – Season’s Greetings

Developer: Gamious
Publisher: Gamious,
Whitethorn Games
Roles: co-game designer, co-narrative designer, cinematics director

Season’s Greetings is downloadable content forĀ Lake. It’s actually a prequel to the original story, and this time around players assume the role of Thomas Weiss, Meredith’s father. The sleepy fictional town of Providence Oaks and its surroundings are covered in snow, making the experience both familiar and fresh.

With most of the structure and mechanics already in place, Gamious creative director Jos Bouman took over as Game Director for the DLC. I returned to the team to help out with the implementation of a lot of the content. I took charge of getting most of the narrative content into the game, including dialogues (again, using articy:draft), voice overs, lip animations and many of the 3D prop models. As with Lake, I also acted as cinematics director, working together with a colleague to assemble all of the game’s dialogue scenes: blocking, staging, camera movement etc.

It was a blast to work on, and fortunately fans of the original game reacted very positively to this new installment!

Lake: Season’s Greetings launched on November 15, 2023 on Xbox, PlayStation and Steam.